Enabling groups of loosely connected people sharing a common interest create a social community

About Community Builder


The need for an online community

Are you a part of a group that needs to share events, have forum discussions, keep a phone list, or post information? Need to share information in a group but not use other social channels to do so? Community Builder is a great fit for neighborhoods, HOAs, and local clubs (e.g. chess clubs, 4-H groups) that have not had an easy way to affiliate or have maintained a manual web site.


Features of a community @ Community Builder

  • A community is started by a host.
  • Hosts can can invite users, and users can self-enroll or be enrolled by the host.
  • Users can sign up and create a profile include address and, optionally, phone number, to appear on the community map and phone list, both of which are available only to other registered users.
  • Hosts can build a discussion forum. Users can post content and polls to sample what other community members think about ideas concerning all.
  • Users can add events to the event calendar, including an RSVP ability.
  • Users can write articles for the front page, which features the newest articles. All articles are also filed by topic.
  • The host can configure sources for fresh news from other websites, and it will listed on the news page.
  • Users can subscribe to get email on new things from the community, choosing the types of emails on the user's profile page.


How to get started

Check out the CommunityBuilder demo site. You can experiment and do all the functions of an actual community. If you like it, you can create your own community @ Community Builder. Community Builder is in a beta mode right now but is taking limited new community requests. Please submit your request a community from the contact form.